Tuesday, 9 January 2018

When Dungiven came to be in Derry

A bit of a history clarification with this post. A back and forth debate among DNA cousins has been definitively resolved. I grew up (and it seems so too did many Dougherty cousins of many branches) being told that our forebears came from Donegal. In fact, some grave markers in Canada and the U.S. even note ancestors were born in Donegal.

It's been long established that my 3rd great grandparents, James Dougherty and Isabella McLaughlin, were almost certainly born in Inishowen, which has always been in Donegal. But my their son, Marcus (2nd great grandfather) and some of his siblings and many of their children were born in Banagher, Learmont and Dungiven. All of these places are today located in Derry (or Londonderry), Northern Ireland.

A 4th cousin again raised this issue in December, as did another 4th cousin a few days ago. That 4th cousin did some more research, and sent me this comment, after looking at sites that included this and this:
"Following the defeat of the Irish earls and the confiscation of their lands in 1609, English colonization was undertaken by livery companies of the City of London and the Honourable Irish Society (founded 1610). A charter of 1613, granted by James I of England, VI of Scotland, established the county of Londonderry, which comprised the old county, O’Neill lands of Loughinsholin, and small parts of Donegal and Antrim."
I'm very glad to have this resolved at last and have updated all references in my genealogy database to say Dungiven is in Derry, not Donegal. Yes, I'm saying Derry, rather than Londonderry.

The never ending story continues....

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