Wednesday, 28 June 2017

I'm Taking the Canada150 Genealogy Challenge

The land we call Canada is of course much older than 150 years, but on July 1, 1867, the Dominion of Canada came into being with Confederation. With Canada Day and Canada150 just three days, away, I'm jumping on this bandwagon started by a genealogy friend, because as she says, it's because of their early contributions that Canada is such a wonderful place to live.

Here are my direct ancestors who were living in what became Canada in 1867. These are only on my father's side (my maternal grandparents arrived in Canada in 1909 and 1908 respectively):

Charlotte Butler                   born 1852             Upper Stewiacke NS
Samuel Butler                      born 1816              Halifax 
Hugh Caroline                      bef 1834                Montreal
Mary Donovan Caroline         bef 1834                Montreal
Rose Caroline                       born 1839              Granby, Quebec
John James Dougherty          1834                      Granby, Quebec
Elizabeth Forbes                   born abt 1785        Hants NS
Margaret White Godfrey        born abt 1797        Colchester NS
Sarah Anne Moore                 born 1819              Truro NS
Charles Nelson                      born 1812               Rockville NS
Elias Nelson                          born 1783               Maitland NS
Elias Nelson                          born 1854               Great Village NS

Only Hugh and Mary Caroline came to Canada as immigrants from Ireland. Their daughter, Rose Caroline, my 2nd great grandmother was born here. My 2nd great grandfather John James Dougherty was born in Vermont, and within a year was living in the Eastern Townships. 

My Nova Scotia roots are deep, and date back to 1760. The rest of my direct ancestors shown above and living in 1867 were all Nova Scotia-born. 

The never ending story continues.....

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  1. I only got 4 and I assume they were in Canada in 1867 - They tended to move between Quebec and the US:

    Edward St. Godard B 1860
    Justine St. Godard (nee Grandboise) B 1859
    Alexander St. Godard B. 1821
    Catherine St. Godard (nee Peloquin) B 1821

  2. Paternal
    Capt. George Madison Curry B 1849
    Bertha Agnes Crosby B 1864
    Thomas Whitfield Curry B 1817
    Sarah H Goudy B 1821
    Hannah Porter B 1793
    Elkanak Trask Porter B 1841
    Elizabeth Perry B 1846
    Adelbert F. Porter, JP B 1845
    Emma Lydia Crosby B 1847
    Daniel Batchelder Porter B 1812
    Benjamin B. Porter B 1810
    Rebecca Raymond B 1910
    Joseph S Crosby B 1815
    Alexander Murphy Dwyer B 1844
    Margaret Ann Heighton B 1849
    Peter Dwyer B 1811
    George Laird Sellers B 1846
    Agnes Jane MacNaughton B 1850
    William Sellers B 1819
    Alexandra Corbett B 1825
    Donald MacNaughton B 1814
    Margret Ann Mitchell B 1818