Saturday, 17 December 2016

Immigrant Ancestors -- The Nutfield Connection

Heather Wilkinson Rojos writes a wonderful New England blog, Nutfield Genealogy, that covers the areas of Londonderry, Derry and and Windham in New Hampshire. Heather has become one of my genealogy blogger heroes for her well-researched and informative posts.

Nutfield was the name of the original land grant given to the first Scots Irish settlers in 1719. As Heather explains in her FAQs

Londonderry is where my early Scots-Irish ancestors first settled after arriving from Ulster. When I say early, I'm speaking of mid 18th century. My Moore or Moor, Morrison and Logan ancestors who later settled in Nova Scotia were first in New Hampshire.

I'm sharing two of Heather's recent posts that are both keepers for me: How did the Scots Irish celebrate Christmas? and Top ten books about Nutfield history and genealogy.

And because there is always more research to do, the never ending story continues.....

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  1. Thanks so much for the "shout out!", Margaret! I hope you find my posts helpful.

  2. Thank YOU, Heather. Your blog is amazing. Glad to give a well deserved shout out!