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Gathering new found Scots cousin ancestors 3: Peter Smith & Jane Allan and family

My 2nd great great uncle, Peter Smith (1821-1863) was one of two sons born to my 3rd great grandparents, Donald Smith and Margaret Davidson.

According to censuses, Peter was a letter carrier in Edinburgh. We know that he married Jane Allan (abt 1822-1888) in Urquhart, Morayshire on 28 Oct 1846. It was there that their first child had been born on 6 Aug 1846. By the time that child, wee Margaret, died on 5 Dec 1847, they were living in Edinburgh. The children of Peter and Jane were:
  • Margaret (1846-1847)
  • Daniel (1849-1849)
  • Alexander (1850-1890)
  • Peter (1851-1857)
  • Mary (1853-1901)
  • Jane (1855-1925)
  • Grace (1858-1918)
  • Keith Scott (1860-1861)
  • Ann (1861-1870)
Yes, only four of Peter and Jane's children lived to adulthood. From what I've found, of his children who lived to adulthood, only Jane married and had a family. Jane married a man named John Brown in 1880, who was a confectioner. They had three children and lived all their lives in Edinburgh.

Peter's mother Margaret Davidson had spent her final years living with Peter and his family, and had died less than three months before her son. Such sadness there must have been in Peter and Jane's household. Edinburgh was also the home of his sister Anne and her husband Angus Falconer.

Peter was only 41 when he died from liver disease at his home, 42 Buccleuch Street. The cause of death was recorded as liver disease, the symptoms of which developed just six weeks before his death. We have no confirmed record of his father's (my 3rd great grandfather's) death, but I wonder if he had similar health issues.

The never ending story continues....

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