Friday, 15 June 2018

Another Dougherty line in the mix

Doughertys are everywhere it seems. No, really. In fact, at one time the name and its many spellings was even one of the top most common surnames in Ireland. More recent surveys in Ireland have the name out of the top 20 most common surnames.

Anyway, I was researching the ancestry of another cousin's husband recently when I discovered that his great grandmother was a Dougherty. Yes, with that spelling. 

Susan Dougherty (1857-1910) was the eldest child born in Danville, Pennsylvania to William Dougherty (abt 1830-1900) and Mary Priest (abt 1828-1928) , Irish immigrants who settled in Luzerne in northern Pennsylvania, where many people worked in the coal mines in the area. They had a family of at least eight children. I haven't found where in Ireland William Dougherty was born, whether it was in the north or the south. It's also not clear whether Mary and William married in Ireland or in Pennsylvania. Old Irish records are so hard to find, especially in some parts of Ireland.

Susan married Edward Buckley (1855-1913), also the child of Irish immigrants, in about 1876.They went on to have at least ten children.

I hoping my cousin-in-law will think hard about doing the AncestryDNA test, so that we can find out if he and his wife share any DNA. Hope springs, genealogy nerd that I am. No detail is too small. After all, who knows where one detail will lead?

My research actually started for my cousin-in-law's daughter and her sons, to flesh out their family tree.

The never ending story continues....

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