Friday, 28 April 2017

DNA confirms Cincinnati Doughertys connection

After discovering so much detail last year about my several 2nd great aunts and 2nd great uncles who made their ways from Quebec's Eastern Townships to build lives in Cincinnati in the mid-19th century, good old DNA has confirmed our connection through one of their descendants to my brother. I unravelled their stories here and here.

For the first time we have a DNA link to my 2nd great grandparents Mary Ann Diamond (abt 1802-1842) and Marcus Dougherty (1794-1864) from these Cincinnati Doughertys.

I had contacted an Ohio man who I was quite sure was a distant cousin several months ago, after finding his family tree on Ancestry. Slowly, he built out his family tree. He visited the Cincinnati cemetery where several of the 2nd great aunts and uncles are buried and sent me pictures of their markers. I asked if he had considered doing the AncestryDNA test, and eventually he did. His results came back a few days ago, and today he linked those results to his family tree. And we've got that confirmation. My brother shares Dougherty and Diamond DNA with that Ohio man, who is our 3rd cousin once removed and whose 3rd great grandmother was Isabella Dougherty (abt 1832-1890), sister to our great grandfather, John James Dougherty (1833-1893).

I'm just a tad jealous of my brother, because he is the first of us to have a Diamond DNA link. I wonder if that new link will open new research doors.

The never ending story continues.....

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