Saturday, 11 February 2017

Researchers find evidence of original 1620 Plymouth Settlement

News of the discovery of the original Plymouth Settlement was widely reported last November, but I came across it again today. A Cape Cod Times article reported on the find in November here. My own first settlers in Plymouth Colony in 1620 were Mayflower passengers Stephen Hopkins, his son Giles, from whom I descend directly, and the rest of their family. Stephen was the first of my immigrant ancestors profiled on this blog.

But I have many other ancestors who arrived after 1620 who were also original residents across in Plymouth Colony. A blog, The Vintage News, included this amazing map of Plymouth Colony in its story today. I like this map because it names the settlements within Plymouth Colony, and the years when each were settled. Many of these place names appear in my family tree. It's remarkable to see this map and to know of my connection to many of the place names in it. For me, this map is definitely a keeper!
from Vintage News Feb 2017

The never ending story continues....

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