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Immigrant Ancestors -- Samuel Eddy (1608-1687)

My 10th great grandfather was Samuel Eddy (1608-1687) was born in Cranbrook, Kent, to a vicar, William Eddye and his wife Mary Fosten. He is yet another of my many ancestors listed in my favourite little book.

Samuel likely arrived in Plymouth Colony on 29 Oct 1630 with his older brother John, on the Handmaiden, which set sail from London on 10 Aug 1630 as part of the Great Migration. Some sources note that two of Samuel's sisters also migrated to New England.

Samuel was a tailor. He arrived in New England unmarried, but by 1636 had married Elizabeth Savory (abt 1607-1689), who had arrived from Wiltshire, England with her family in about 1633. Samuel and Elizabeth had at least four children who lived to adulthood, including my direct ancestor, their son, John Eddy (1637-1715). The Eddy family name joined with other immigrant families including my Daggett and Newcombe ancestors,

When I was a child, the Eddy Match Company was a well known Canadian company based in what was then called Hull, Quebec (now called Gatineau). I suspect that its founder, Ezra Butler Eddy, is one of my Eddy relatives.

More about Samuel Eddy's life and family is here. They and several other family members are buried in the Eddy Cemetery in Swansea, Massachusetts, which borders Rhode Island.

There are many Eddy descendants in North America today. In fact, there is an Eddy Family Association. Their website is something else for me to explore at some point -- it has lots of interesting items, to be sure.

The never ending story continues....

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