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Immigrant Ancestors -- John Webster (1590-1661)

I've been easily led astray and distracted by more genealogy research again recently--so many bright shiny objects--but here we are back again.

John Webster (1590-1661) is yet another of my 9th great grandfathers. Born in
Leicestershire, England, John arrived at Massachusetts Colony in the early 1630s, most sources seem to generally agree, with his wife Agnes Smith (1585-abt 1655) and their surviving children.

John was of the first settlers of Hartford in 1636, and served one term as governor of  Connecticut Colony. He is mentioned among the names of Hartford's founders here and is name is included on a founders' monument.

from Find a Grave
In addition to my 8th great grandfather Thomas Webster (1616-abt 1686), John's many descendants include my 6th cousin 4x removed, Noah Webster (1758-1843), the lexicographer who compiled dictionaries, including his first, A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language. This evolved into Webster's Dictionary, which is still updated and published today. Wordsmithing is an old family trait it seems.

Another of John's descendants, my 5th great grandfather Abraham Webster (1737-1812), migrated from Connecticut to Nova Scotia with my 5th great grandmother Margaret White (1732-1803) as a New England Planter in about 1760, and received a land grant in Cornwallis. My New England roots in Nova Scotia are deep, thanks to my several Planter ancestors.

The never ending story continues....

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