Sunday, 1 January 2017

Because it's 2017 and there are more DNA discoveries to come

Happy new year to everyone. I'm starting this year excited anew by DNA discoveries to come. Over Christmas, both my younger brother and eldest first cousin on my father's side activated their AncestryDNA tests. Earlier in December, a 3rd cousin on my mother's side also did her DNA test through Ancestry. Their results will add to my knowledge of my DNA past.

As a bonus, my brother is my first male relative to test. His Y chromosome might lead to new discoveries. Are we Doughertys descended from Niall of the Nine Hostages? Will we learn more about our Scots DNA?

My first cousin will say that she knows that she is Irish through and through on both sides, but what will her DNA test reveal?

As I wrote here, last year, my sister did her DNA. I can hardly contain myself, waiting for my brother's and cousin's DNA results.

The never ending story continues....

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