Saturday, 15 October 2016

Immigrant Ancestors: Hugh Moore (1738-1820)

My 4th great grandfather on my father's side was Hugh Moore (1738-1820), who, with his four or five siblings and his widowed mother, was among the New England Planters who were grantees in Nova Scotia. Hugh and his family arrived in the Truro area in 1760, and received a land grant there 31 Oct 1765.

Hugh was born to Hugh Moore (abt 1708-bef 1758) and Janet Morrison (abt 1705-aft1760) in about 1738).  It's not clear whether Hugh #4 GGF was born in Ireland or in New England. His father Hugh died in New Hampshire before 1758.

My #4GGF Hugh's parents had emigrated to New England from Ireland, and were among a large group of similar Ulster Scots who settled in the community of Londonderry, New Hampshire before 1744, or perhaps as early as before 1738, which is about when Hugh was born.

Both Hugh #4GGF and his father Hugh #3 both married women named Janet. That's right. Hugh Moore married Janet Logan (abt 1746-1818 in Londonderry, New Hampshire, shortly before they and the rest of the Moores made the journey to Nova Scotia as New England Planters. All of Hugh #4GGF and Janet Logan's eight children were Nova Scotia-born.

I'll be honest. Because both sets of these ancestors were named Hugh and Janet, I've made many errors through my years of research. Whenever I found a new error, I would have to go back and double check my complete research for this family. Aggravating? Why yes, it was and often continues to be.

This story in particular needs yet more research.

The never ending story continues....

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