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Thomas Dougherty of Camnish and his children

Updated 23 May 2017
Updated 5 May 2017

Thomas Doherty, my 2nd great great uncle, died about 1832 in Camnish, precipitating the decision of his widow, Bridget McCloskey Doherty, to send their son (Judge) Marcus to his uncles in South Hero, Vermont.

Thomas and Bridget had several other children in addition to (Judge) Marcus:
  • John (abt 1807-1872)
  • Michael (abt 1810-1853)
  • Isabella (abt 1813-1897)
  • (Judge) Marcus (1815-1903)
  • James (abt 1817-1854)
  • Margaret (abt 1819-1893)
  • Mary (abt 1820-1908)
  • Bridget (1821-1916)
  • Thomas (1823-1854)
  • Paul (1826-1914)
  • Elleanor (abt 1825-?)
  • Sarah (abt 1826-1861)
  • Louisa (abt 1830-?)
His brothers James and Marcus were already in Vermont when Thomas passed away. Thomas' children Michael, Isabella, Margaret, Mary and Bridget all made their way from Camnish to Rondout, which later was Kingston in Ulster County, New York and all had families. They seem to have arrived by the late 1840s. Their brother Thomas also was in Kingston for a time, but returned to Camnish. Kingston is about an hour north of New York City, by today's travel standards.

It's not clear whether the siblings travelled together or at different times. It's also not clear if they married their spouses before they left Ireland or after they arrived in New York.

What is clear is that all of the siblings who settled in New York used the Dougherty spelling. Paul, who remained in Camnish, appears as Doherty or O'Doherty in various records. 

I wonder what made these five siblings go to New York and not to either Granby, Montreal or Vermont, where they knew they had family. All are relatively close to Kingston.

(Judge) Marcus did stay in contact with the Kingston Doughertys, as evidenced by the regular appearance of his nephew (son of Michael) James Dougherty's name as a Catholic priest officiating or appearing as a concelebrant at baptisms, funerals and marriages in (Judge) Marcus' family.

Did my great grandfather and grandfather know any of the Kingston Doughertys? Did the Cincinnati Doughertys know the Kingston Doughertys?

More to come about the Kingston Doughertys.

The never ending story continues....

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